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+ Online Pet Training

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Helping pet owners specific to Condo & Apartment living

MyPetsProfile™ Features For Property Managers

  • MyPetsProfile™ is a unique Community Pet Portal for each residential building. It quickly and easily allows property staff to identify and communicate with pet owners remotely.
  • One Pet Management Portal per building (No set-up fees or user fees)
  • View a Virtual Photo Dashboard of all pets in the building
  • Property staff can quickly identify a specific pet
  • Click on a pet profile photo and expand the information stored
  • Review emergency contact info, pet details and more
  • Send pet applications, information requests, notices, pet rules and policy updates, quickly and easily via MyPetsProfile Portal
  • Pet owner applications via MyPetsProfile® receive a private and secure account for $14.95/pet/year

Pet Owners

Online | Secure | Records
Dogs and Cats

Service Animal & ESA's

Service and Emotional Support Animals - Upload Documents - No Cost

PooPrints® Dog DNA Registration

Lifetime DNA registry and one year MyPetsProfile® - $60.

+ Online Pet Training- Bonus!

Condo-Canine Pet Training modules are *Now Included!

Our online Pet Training modules are designed specifically for Condominium and Apartment living. 

Condo-Canine is a collaboration between MyPetsProfile®; owned by The Revill Group, a Canadian pet amenity distributor and consultancy firm serving hi-density condominium, strata and apartment communities 

AND… EduCanine, an organization that provides in person and online educational products to strengthen the bond between humans and canines.and emergency contact info and more.